This is the end…….of the year

Hey folks!

Seasonal greetings to you all, wherever, whoever and whatever you are and believe in 🙂 I thought I’d better get an end of year review type bloggy note in now, just in case we don’t wake up on the 21st! Haha! (bollocks)

There’s been ups and downs, gigs and releases, kind words and not so kind but on the whole a most wonderful, entertaining, fruitful and lucky year!

The major highlight has to be the release of Last Shadow in the latter stages of the 2012, with lots of lovely things said about it by you guys and not a bad review from the media…yet…Haha! This CD was well over a year in the making and at times seemed like it would never happen but with the sterling efforts of mixing/production guru Adam Thompson, Grand Masterer Jules Seifert, the artful remixer Patrick Dougan, the remixers Dayve (Cease2Xist), Ryan & Kaysha (Dirty K), Ross (Goteki), Dan (Digicore), Haru Yasumi (plus those involved with the companion EP Lost Shadows) and the inimitable GileZ (and all at Armalyte Industries) it all came together 🙂

I’m proud of it, my first fully fledged CD and ‘proper’ EP release. It was meant as a statement of intent, something that was wholly mine, not a scene clone, a gamer changer or arty twatting about. Just the music and influences I like, the words that are inside and remixes from people I’m proud to call friends and musical influences.

Gigs this year have varied from independent festivals and major support slots to smaller more intimate affairs both local and afar. I think my live show has developed a little and while some may think I *need* a band backing me I still don’t think so. Perhaps one day I’ll give it a go 😉

Thank you all so much for coming out to the shows, grabbing shirts and CDs and raving like loonies to the What is Love cover! Haha. Thank you also to the promoters and their various crew members around the country for being awesome and giving a fella a chance. As well as all the other bands at each end of every bill I’ve played with. I’ve made a ton of new friends this year and discovered some new acts (to me at least) that are going places.

What happens in the future you may wonder? Well me too! But here’s the plan… I’m working on new material that is both different to Last Shadow but decidedly PARESIS, currently I have 3 tracks at near enough demo stage to go towards an album. I’m desperate to avoid this full length being merely a collection of tracks and releasing a zillion singles. Although neither is it a concept album 😉 We’ll have to see where it goes, but tracks from Last Shadow will NOT be appearing on it.

Gig wise, I have a show in E. London booked for Feb 13th so hopefully I’ll see you down there for fun times ( Keep your eyes out for new shows too 🙂 I’ve got a few ideas to make the Paresis live experience more engaging and exciting which I’ll be trying out and hopefully won’t prove to be folly 😉

So I guess all that’s left to say is that I wish each and everyone of you a peaceful and happy festive time and a brilliant 2013. Thank you all for making this year so special for me and see you next year 😀 \m/

ps I was going to write a looong list of people that deserve lots of thanks and love but realised I’d be here forever and would certainly miss folk out. So I’ll just say that if you know me personally, know Paresis or have had anything to do with anything related, your efforts and support is definitely appreciated! More than you’ll probably realise. x


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