Live Reviews


“Paresis were a late addition to the line-up, after Khaidian pulled out, and provided me with a chance to finally see Simon Fuller’s solo project live. His roots and influences clearly straddle both industrial and extreme metal, and his songs vary somewhat in the amount of influences of both. Some songs are dominated by impressive shredding and vocals that hit some powerful extremes, while others are very much more influenced by the darker beats of bands like Hocico, and the guitars take a back seat. I actually feel that his music suits the live environment more than when recorded (it has so much more power), however I can’t help but feel that Simon could do with a second person onstage with him, to allow this project to reach it’s full potential live. Still, even as a solo project, it’s much more interesting to watch than one dude and their laptop. Finally, points also for the entirely unexpected cover of Haddaway’s What Is Love to close…”
– Supporting Be My Enemy with Petrol Bastard & Digicore, Electrowerkz London, 10/08/13




“Simon Fuller, aka Paresis, is a new signing to niche English industrial label Armalyte Industries. Based on this evening’s sampling and knowledge of AI’s roster – that’s a pairing that even couldn’t have pulled off any better. You’ve got to respect a guy who, after a couple of numbers, says: “That wasn’t me loosing my voice, it was me trying to sound cool!” referring to his unique vocal delivery. Fuller employs familiar growling so common on the hard electro/industrial scene, but adds a rather unusual twist on that tested formula – the high octave shriek. It sounded so unusual that you’d think electronic trickery was involved in shaping the voice. But it wasn’t (I specifically asked him afterwards) – it’s all natural – if you can call such a noise from a human mouth ‘natural’!

I can’t honestly say I was enamoured with the technique deployed; to me it was bordering on comical at times. Nevertheless, in the context of the genre it kinda worked. It certainly sets Paresis apart from other, better-established players on the scene and purely from a marketing perspective that’s a good thing. More compelling for me were the colossal thumping electronics that the project uses as the bedrock to all Fuller does. That alone was effective. The right role for the voice hasn’t yet been found in my view but it is uncommon enough to warrant inclusion. If your curiosity has been tweaked, you should watch out for Paresis’ debut EP later this year.”
– Supporting Eisenfunk with Kommand+Kontrol & Plastic Autumn, Electrowerkz London, 24/03/12



Dominion Magazine


“Whilst a name very new on the scene, Paresis is not one that anyone at this show will forget for a while. Armed with a guitar, a laptop and a keyboard, Simon is a one-man army primed to nuke the dancefloor. Taking electronic and industrial influences and fusing them with hints of death and extreme metal; it’s like he’s the referee in a battle to the death between Combichrist and Morbid Angel.


A highly responsive crowd seems to lap up every minute – and he’s barely left the stage before people are asking him when he’ll come back. If you want to see one of the future UK stars – look no further than Paresis.”


– Supporting Aesthetic Perfection with Thirt13en, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 22/11/11




Blip-Bop Magazine #6 Nov/Dec 2011

” I have to give thanks to Reflective Promotions for introducing me to this interesting artist…As you can see, Paresis is a one man band… He calls himself ‘Vorbis’ and I totally enjoyed his Industrial Metal! The music was tight, his guitar playing was perfection – he makes me wanna pick up a guitar (and laptop)! I wish I could be half as good! Vorbis also makes me wanna take vocal lessons in Metal. Yeah I have a penchant for Metal vocalists!


Awe inspiring! I must familiarize myself with his work! Oh, he is an excellent performer… Relaxed and confident”


– Supporting Goteki with Digital Deformation & Kommand+Kontrol, London 11/10/11