Paresis is the creative outlet of Simon Fuller; multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer.
Formed in 2010 after going nowhere in the local metal scene in Peterborough UK, what was originally an attempt to sound like dancefloor legends Grendel, quickly became the sum of vastly different influences. Ranging from extreme metal to 90’s dance music and the industrial floor fillers of the early 2000s.

Cult London underground label Armalyte Industries signed Paresis after the very first live perfomance, and so far 2 EPs a single and a full length album have been released, as well as numerous remixes for artists around the world.

Not content with one band, Simon is also involved with various side projects and plays live synth with Cease2Xist and previously, live guitar with the now sadly disbanded Ruinizer.

Paresis is currently re-recording and re-imagining songs written before being signed to Armalyte, for a record to be released sometime in 2020…More news to come soon.

Label: Armalyte Industries

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Paresis – PRAY
Paresis – Poison
Nero – Satisfy (covered by Paresis)

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