Hope Lies Torn gaining great reviews!

Hope Lies Torn, my debut album has been out for just over a week and already reviewers are loving it!
Check out these kind words:

Soundsphere Magazine:

“This album is awesome. It’s disjointed, fast-paced, and did we mention, blacker than night? Not the night out-y kind of night either, with those incessant, multitudinous club colours distracting you from your impending doom, and a hundred streetlights paving the way home. Oh no. This is a pitch-black maze. You can’t find your way home, and every face you see is an unfriendly, wretched contortion that wants you dead.”

Backseat Mafia

“Norway’s Mortiis and hard dance legends LAB 4 aren’t exactly two artists you’d expect to see mentioned in the same context but both come to mind listening to Hope Lies Torn. While it’s definitely the former more than the latter it’s a testament to Fuller’s talent and scant regard to musical boundaries that Paresis evokes such diverse artists which also include early NIN, :Wumpscut: and Manufactura. Paresis has its own sound and identity though one that takes elements from various genres with discordant guitars alongside atmospheric synth layers, pulsating rhythms, samples, distorted vocals and more besides all shot through with an ominous sense of foreboding and darkness.”

Brutal Resonance

“And, completely blowing my mind and surprising me at the end of the album was a touch I was not prepared for. Dumbfounded by that last act of both will and love, the rest of the album was boosted up immensely just by that. Bringing in all sorts of influences and genres to this playground, Fuller has shown that he can compete with the biggest names of the scene, and I have a feeling that this man will go further and further with each sequential release.”

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