Hope Lies Torn Commentary

So I posted a brief commentary on each track from the album on facebook recently. Here they are together:

Not In My Name
Should be a fairly obvious title. A pro peace statement.
The track serves as an intro as well as disturbing, relentless build up. The repetitive elements and gradual introduction of different parts is symbolic of humankind’s relentless pursuit of conflict.
Over the top is laid an actual recording of helicopter pilots under attack during the Vietnam war. For added realism.
Pro peace, not anti war. Not In My Name.

Looking For a Fight
In complete opposition to the the pro peace, slow, repetitive intro, this track is an all out ‘come n ave a go if ya think ya ard enuf’ outpouring of aggression.
‘Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man’ said Kenny Rogers. Well here you go.
When you’re facing some prick and they won’t give it up, sometimes you gotta go to war and what’s better than a ravey soundtrack with Aliens and Zulu samples?
Stick it in your earbuds when the local bullies square up to you, stomp around the club and flip off the elitist idiots or sit behind your keyboard plotting your troll revenge.

Anti Me
This track sums up a lot of the themes of HLT. It explores duality. Being your own worst enemy and not having a choice in the matter. It’s very much in the Paresis style. Harsh electronics with sparing blackened guitar \m/

This is my noisy political rage track. I wanted something electronic, fast but not your typical modern ‘industrial’ dance tune. There’s not really any melody or a lead line to speak of. It’s rhythmic with lots of different parts poking their noses in, trying to get a piece of the action. Much like Westminster. Why can’t Westminster be independent? Fuck those guys. They’re all the same. I have 0 respect and 0 hope.
PIGS. It’s also one of my very favourites from this release

This is intended as an update, a 1.1, to the sounds of Paresis, forged in the Last Shadow EP.
Uplifting, anthemic, savage, uncompromising.
Replacer is about not taking shit from anyone. Even your closest loves.
Removing that negativity, shaking off the chains held by those that would hold you down. Replacing them with something better, that you absolutely deserve.
Everyone has the opportunity to make their life better, it often takes more courage than we think we have, but you can fake it ’til you make it. I have.
Replacer is supposed to invoke a forward driving, almost ritualistic desire to better oneself.
Released as a free single in February 2014 this is the anchor and possibly the highest point of the album. It’s all doom from here.

Spirit Hack
This started as an experience with Psy-trance. Or Si-trance as I prefer.
It quickly developed into a dystopian Terminator/The Matrix/Tron inspired vision. A hybrid intelligence is placed into a military defence system, designed to defend its creators during the darkest days of war between societies. So typical cyberpunk, ‘industrial’ subject matter I guess but you have to visit that side every now and then!
At first it may seem out of place on this album, but such is the schizophrenic nature of HLT. The doom themes snake their way through this track as much as any.

Shall I Come
The lyrics for this track are actually taken from Thomas Campion’s 1631 Book of Ayres.
So a bit old and quite naughty too when you read them!
I’d made this track, a real mashup of harsh electronics, with a slice of guitar and a sample from one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn films. I’ll leave you to guess which. I was reading some sonnets, trying to get inspiration for a different style of lyric. I knew I didn’t want any typical industrial shite.
Suddenly I came across ‘Shall I Come, Sweet Love To Thee’ by the aforementioned Thomas C. That was that then. A sort of cover. Nothing else needed! Love it.

I’m You
Every element/sound in this track was chosen and represents a feeling or a thought to do with the lyrical subject matter. It’s all about being trapped inside yourself, your feelings immaterial to others and just getting plain angry at the repetitive hopeless nature of everyday existence.
The track isn’t exactly light but isn’t as heavy as others on HLT. It’s still a driving, pounding tune that builds throughout to a rage crescendo.

Your Voice
Continuing the themes of duality and confusion, the vocals are twisted back and forth in a call and response. Is it the same person? Is it the same voice? My voice? Your voice?
That malevolence and attempt to drag yourself out of the darkness is all pervading. Hope?

Musically it’s almost synth pop, albeit with some judicious guitar, straight from some reverb drenched post metal epic! And why not. It all adds to the atmosphere which was a key focus when writing this album

All Because of You.
This is the real black sheep of the family. No super aggressive guitar, just clean(ish) melody. No soaring synth lead. Slow paced and super depressive lyrically. Not your typical EBM then. Fuck that.
This is the first track I tried clean vocals on too, instead of my usual growl/scream combo which is fun. I think it works. Hopefully this song unsettles you somewhat and please take it as a song. There’s no DJ friendly club mix or whatever, this is honest and true songwriting.

Possibly my favourite. This is industrial doom metal. Heavy churning guitars, gated trance synths, blackened vocals and a hell of a different attitude.
I really wanted to go to town with this, highly focussed on getting it exactly right and to hell with what anyone thinks.
This is personal lyrically and the hybrid ‘genre’ for want of a better word is so much of what I want bands I listen to, to be.
I hope you give this a chance, you might find something in the words, or just go with the music. Turn it up, grab a beverage and drink, drink in the audio and the atmosphere. Let’s get WRECKED.


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