Another fantastic Last Shadow Review!!!

I’d like to thank the indomitable Sam Doran over at Shutter Online for an ace review of the Last Shadow EP!

Rated 4.5 stars

“This 8 track EP, written by one man musical army Simon Fuller, is an interesting blend of both death metal and more traditional industrial styles, with angry guitars to get the blood boiling and beautiful synth and drum pieces to get your body moving. Along with some of the creepier aspects of the second track Demons We Are and the interesting choice of mixing two different styles of vocals, this produces something almost reminiscent of Psyclon Nine’s more guitar-heavy pieces, but stays unique by avoiding forcing grimdark tropes on the listener.

Following the original Paresis tracks are a series of remixes, Haru Yasumi’s “Morning Wood” remix of Last Shadow being of particular interest, which comes as a surprising but relaxing finish to an otherwise fast-paced and energetic collection.

If there were one criticism, it’s that Last Shadow opens perhaps a little too strongly, resulting in the tracks following the first seeming slightly lesser for it. This is, however, very much a non-issue – the fact that such powerful pieces of music could be described as being lesser than anything does more to prove the quality of the EP than it does to detract from it.



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