Last Shadow Pre-order

This just in from ARMALYTE.COM!!!

“As we launch ourselves full pelt towards the release of Paresis’s mighty ‘Last Shadow’ debut, here’s an audio-visual treat for you to wrap your eyes and ears around, and we finally unveil the line-up of talent who we’ve dragged in, kicking and screaming, to remix Paresis to within an inch of his life. Click HERE to pre-order ‘Last Shadow’ and secure your exclusive, download-only, copy of the companion remix EP, ‘Lost Shadows’. Featuring exclusive remixes from Audiowar, Flesh Eating Foundation, Haru Yasumi, Enemy Territory, Virus Cycle and Lykquydyzer. Everyone that pre-orders ‘Last Shadow’ will receive an exclusive code to download ‘Lost Shadows’ on the official release date of Monday 3rd September AND we’ll also bung you a copy of ‘Last Shadow’ to land on your doormat BEFORE the release date. How good are we to you, eh? Enough of our yammer, get pre-ordering now!”


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