The Band


[pərē′sis, per′isis]

Etymology: Gk, paralyein, to be palsied
1 also called dementia paralytica, general paresis, paralytic dementia. motor weakness or partial paralysis related in some cases to local neuritis.
2 also called dementia paralytica, general paresis, paralytic dementia. a late manifestation of neurosyphilis, characterized by generalized paralysis, tremulous incoordination, transient seizures, Argyll Robertson pupils, and progressive dementia caused by degeneration of cortical neurons. Paresis resulting from untreated syphilis usually develops in the third to fifth decade but may occur at an early age in patients with congenital syphilis. paretic, adj.
3 also a silly name for a little band from the UK


Paresis is the creative outlet of Simon Fuller; multi-instrumentalist and producer. Formed in 2010 after reaching epic levels of boredom in the local metal scene in Peterborough UK, what was originally an attempt to sound like dancefloor legends Grendel, quickly became the sum of vastly different influences ranging from extreme metal to 90’s dance music and the EBM floor fillers of the early 2000s.

After a period of self tuition and a self released EP, Armalyte Industries took on Paresis after witnessing the first live show. Since then a further 2 EPs, a single, a full length album and numerous live outings have followed. Supporting the likes of Aesthetic Perfection, Protafield, Eisenfunk, Breed 77, TOOMS, Faderhead and more.